Leasing a taxi without bpm

15 oktober 2021

Are you a taxi driver and would you like to drive around in a representative car? Then the first step begins when purchasing or leasing a car. Nevertheless, there are a number of snags that you have to take into account, including the abolition of the bpm refund . Below we tell you more.

Amount of bpm

Previously, taxi drivers could reclaim the tax on passenger cars and motorcycles, also known as bpm for short. However, the government has decided to abolish this since last year. This is because the government wants to go green. If you have many cars in your name that serve as taxi cars, you will therefore have to pay bpm for each car. These amounts can therefore be high. For a car, the bpm is calculated on the basis of the amount of CO2 that the car emits when driving one kilometre. In addition, it is checked on which fuel the car runs. The more grams of CO2 your car emits, the more expensive the bpm will be.

Electric car

As was briefly mentioned earlier, the government wants to go green. That is one reason why they have abolished the refund of the bpm. Unlike a diesel or petrol car, an electric car does not emit any CO2. This means that you do not have to pay bpm for this if you use an electric car for your taxi purposes. Fully electric cars are in any case exempt from bpm until 2024 and you also get a discount on motor vehicle tax until 2025.

Not only the exemption from bpm and the discount for motor vehicle tax are advantages of electric driving. This way you have low maintenance costs and your taxi company gets a greener image. Moreover, charging an electric car is a lot cheaper than refueling a fuel car: a small disadvantage of electric driving is that you have to wait a while until the car's battery is fully charged.

Lease or purchase?

So you have to pay a lot of money when you have taxi cars in your name that emit a lot of CO2. It is therefore a wise choice to switch to electric driving. Now you are faced with the following choice: are you going to lease or buy an electric car?

Leasing an electric car is becoming increasingly popular, especially Financial Lease . With this lease form, you immediately own the car from an economic point of view. This means that you can deduct various tax costs. Moreover, you are also legally the owner of the car when the lease contract has ended. This is a big advantage in contrast to, for example, Operational Lease, where you have to return the car. Another advantage of Financial Lease is that you don't have to pay a lot of money for a car right away: this is a nice idea, especially as a starter. This way you have some capital left over that you can invest in other things of your taxi company.

You have to think about this

It is good to mention that leasing a taxi is a bit more difficult than a private car. This is how the industry in which you work is looked at. You may also have to deal with the delivery of annual figures and a down payment. This of course depends on the leasing company.