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1.1. Lessee: the entrepreneur with whom the agreement for the delivery of financial services of affiliated lease companies and through the mediation of 123lease.nl is concluded. This concerns Dutch entrepreneurs.

1.2. Supplier: the car dealer who offers the lease car.

1.3. Lease company: the bank that offers the financing to the lessee and with which 123lease.nl collaborates.

1.4. Products and services of 123lease.nl: the agreement drawn up and offered by 123lease.nl according to the lease companies.

1.5. Agreement: any mutual acceptance, via DocuSign, verbally (by telephone or in person), in writing or confirmed by e-mail, of delivery
of one or more services of 123lease.nl via the affiliated lease companies.

2. Applicability

2.1. The articles below remain applicable insofar as the mutual agreement on each offer or agreement between the parties has not deviated in writing.

2.2. The general terms and conditions of lease companies or third parties are not binding for 123lease.nl and are not applicable.

3. Offer and Acceptance

3.1. The first financial lease request, for which a quote is issued by 123lease.nl, remains without obligation.

3.2. If, after the first offer, acceptance has been confirmed verbally, in writing or by e-mail by the lessee, if several applications (reassessments) have been requested, but the lessee cancels these applications or does not respond, 123lease.nl will not charge any administration and agency fees

3.3. A final quotation made by 123lease.nl is valid for 7 working days, unless stated otherwise on the quotation.

3.4. Lessee accepts final quotation by signing with DocuSign, verbally (by telephone or in person), in writing or by email. Upon acceptance, 123lease.nl assumes that the lease application will definitely go through.

4. Commencement of Agreement

4.1. Acceptance of the agreement is concluded at the moment that the lessee accepts the final offer issued by 123lease.nl by signing with DocuSign, verbally (by telephone or in person), in writing or by e-mail.

4.2. The agreement will only be drawn up by the relevant lease company if the lessee provides the necessary documents requested by 123lease.nl or the supplier.

4.3. The agreement is explicitly drawn up by the relevant lease company and delivered to 123lease.nl, which will deliver the agreement digitally to the lessee by e-mail.

4.4. The agreement is a 3-party agreement and is concluded at the time of signature by the lessee, supplier and the relevant lease company.

5. Term and termination of agreement

5.1. The agreement is entered into for a fixed term between the lease company and the lessee. The extension or termination of the agreement is also stipulated in the agreement by the relevant lease company.

5.2. The terms of the agreement are explicitly established by the lease company. 123lease.nl is separate from the agreement. 123lease.nl may provide information for the lessee if there are any questions regarding the duration or termination of the agreed agreement between the lessee and the relevant lease company.

5.3. If the lessee does not comply with the conditions of the agreement or acts in conflict, 123lease.nl will notify the relevant lease company.

6. Delivery and delivery time lease car

6.1. Delivery of the lease car is made by the supplier, after the agreed delivery date and time between the lessee and the supplier. If necessary, 123lease.nl mediates between the lessee and the supplier.

7. Administration, cancellation and brokerage fees

7.1. We do not charge cancellation fees for rejecting a first non-binding offer.

7.2. 123lease.nl charges administration and brokerage costs after final signing of the lessee contract.

7.3. The amount of the administration and mediation costs are € 295.00 (excluding VAT) unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

7.4. 123lease.nl applies € 495.00 (excluding VAT) cancellation costs after signing a final offer regardless of the reasoning or by not responding.

8. Fees charged by third parties

8.1. 123lease.nl does not create invoices for third parties.

8.2. A lease company can charge administration costs when entering into an agreement. The amount of the administration costs is determined by the relevant lease company. 123lease.nl is separate from this.

8.3 . If certain costs are charged by third parties, 123lease.nl will inform the lessee about the costs.

9. Invoices

9.1. Invoices issued by 123lease.nl have a payment term of 14 days.

9.2 . If no payment is received within 14 days, 123lease.nl will give the debtor an extra 14 days to be able to pay.

9.3. If after 28 days still no payment has been received, the debtor will receive a reminder with another period of 14 days to be able to pay. The reminder specifically states that payment must be made within 14 days. The debtor is also warned about collection costs.

9.4. If the debtor cannot comply with the above, the debtor is obliged to report this to 123lease.nl in time.

9.5. If 123lease.nl does not hear anything from the debtor, after the invoices and reminder have been issued, 123lease.nl is obliged to report the outstanding invoice to a collaborating collection agency.


By viewing this website (www.123lease.nl) and using the information provided on it, you declare that you agree with this Disclaimer. In the event of any conflict between the specific terms and conditions of products and services and this Disclaimer, the terms and conditions of the products and services shall prevail.

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Exclusion of liability

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(5) misuse of the website,

(6) data loss,

(7) download or use any software made available through this website, or

(8) third-party claims in connection with the use of this website.

The exclusion of liability also applies to directors and employees of 123lease.nl.

Applicable law

Dutch law applies to this website and the Disclaimer. The Dutch court has exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in connection with this website and the information published on it.


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