Financial lease calculator, what does a lease car actually cost?

As an entrepreneur it is important to have a car. Especially when you visit your customers, have to take a lot with you or have plenty of tools. It is good to discover the possibilities of a lease car in order to find the right solution that is also affordable. After all, buying a new car, van or bus can be a major drain on the company's reserves. Fortunately, there are now plenty of options for self-employed workers and SMEs to lease a car or company car. The most important question is often what this costs. At 123Lease we often get this question from the entrepreneur. Logical of course. A Lease calculator can provide quick insight into a clear overview of the costs. Nice of course!

What does a lease car cost?

The most important factor in the costs of leasing is determined by the purchase price, the term of the lease contract and also which lease form you choose. For example, there is an operational lease which takes care of all the costs of the car in the monthly amount. Think of the costs of maintenance, insurance, taxes and also the depreciation of the car. This is different with a financial lease. A financial lease contract is more like a loan where you immediately become the full owner of the car (as opposed to an operational lease where the leasing company is the owner). 123Lease's advisors can provide you with good information about the best options for your personal situation.

Financial lease calculator

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A quick calculation with the lease calculator

What does the lease car of your dreams actually cost? When you already have a good idea of the car you want to buy, it is good to see what is possible. A number of details are important for making a calculation with the lease calculator. So make sure you know this or have it on hand. The data you need when calculating with the lease calculator:
  • The purchase price (excluding VAT)
  • The lease amount
  • The final term
  • The running time
The lease amount is the amount of money you want to borrow. It can be the full purchase price, but also a part of it. The closing time is also very important. It is the part of the loan on which you do not have to make repayments. This makes the lease amount a lot lower and more attractive. It's nice to take advantage of the opportunity. You must pay this amount of money at the end of the lease period. It is possible to make do with the residual value of the car. Of course you can also pay the amount yourself if you want. It is then important to reserve the money for this. Finally, the term is a period of 12 to 60 months. It makes it possible to determine yourself over which period you want to repay the loan. A long term means lower monthly payments and a short term helps to repay the loan quickly.

Calculate your Financial lease rate

At 123Lease it is possible to buy any car you like via a financial lease. Together with our financial lease experts it is possible to make the right choice. They can also look at your personal options. The big advantage of a financial lease is that you immediately become the owner of the car. You can also invest without liquidity loss. From a tax point of view, you are entitled to interest deduction and also to investment deduction. You are the direct owner of the car (economic owner). It also means that you can also reclaim the VAT on the purchase price. So it offers many advantages. The lease calculator already gives a good idea of the investment you need to make. A personal conversation with one of our lease experts will provide you with even more clarity.