Financial lease calculator, what does a lease car actually cost?

As an entrepreneur, you really cannot do without a car. Certainly not when you regularly visit your customers and have to take a lot of things (such as tools) with you. Of course you want to present yourself well to customers with your car. That is why many entrepreneurs want a new - or recently used - car. However, an (almost) new car requires a large one-off investment, while you would rather make other investments to grow your business. Do you recognize this? Then a financial lease may be the solution for you!

With financial lease, you as a self-employed person or entrepreneur have plenty of options to lease a beautiful and representative car for a competitive rate. Always for a fixed monthly amount. This way you know where you stand and you keep money in your company available for other investments. Wondering exactly what monthly amount your new lease car entails? Then use our lease calculator. With the calculator from 123Lease you will get insight into the costs of your lease car in a few minutes. As an entrepreneur, you know exactly where you stand. Handy, right?

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What does a lease car cost me as an entrepreneur?

Various factors play a role in the cost of a lease car. The factors with the greatest influence on the costs of your lease car are not only the purchase price of the car and the term of the lease contract, but the lease form you choose also makes a big difference.

Finance lease versus operating lease

Do you opt for a financial lease as an entrepreneur? Then you opt for a lease form that is very similar to a loan; you immediately become the full economic owner of your car and pay a fixed monthly amount to pay off the loan. As the owner, you take care of the maintenance and insurance of your car.

Do you opt for :operational as an entrepreneur? Then the costs of maintenance, insurance, taxes and depreciation of the car are also included in your monthly lease amount. As a result, the monthly costs are often higher than if you opt for a financial lease. When you opt for an operational lease, the leasing company owns your car.

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Wondering which lease form best suits your personal situation? Please contact lease expert Edwin from 123Lease, he is happy to provide you with personal advice.

Calculate your lease rate with the lease calculator

What does your dream car actually cost? If you already have a good idea of the car you want to lease, it is good to look at the options and additional costs. Are you going to calculate your financial lease rate with the financial lease calculator? Then make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • The purchase price (excluding VAT)
  • The lease amount
  • The final term
  • The running time

Financial lease calculator

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The lease amount

When we talk about the lease amount, we mean the amount of money that you want to borrow for your lease car. This can be the full purchase price of the car, but also part of it. This depends on your personal situation and preferences.

The final term

The final term is also important when calculating your lease rate. The final installment is the amount that has not yet been repaid at the end of the lease term. You do not have to make any repayments on this part of the loan, but you only pay interest. At the end of the term, you pay off this term in one go. The final term can make the lease amount a lot lower and therefore more attractive. You can pay off the final installment with the residual value of the car, but you can also choose to pay the amount yourself if you wish.

The running time

De looptijd van het leasecontract kan een periode van 24 tot en met 72 maanden zijn. Je kunt zelf bepalen welke looptijd je hanteert en dus over welke periode je de lening aflost. Een langere looptijd betekent lagere maandlasten, een korte looptijd betekent een snellere aflossing van de lening met een hoger maandbedrag. Kies de looptijd dan ook bewust en bekijk welke periode goed past bij jouw persoonlijke situatie. Behoefte aan advies? Then please contact our advisors. Zij voorzien je graag van advies op maat passend bij jouw persoonlijke situatie.

Calculate your financial lease rate

You can buy any car at 123Lease via financial. Our financial lease advisors have knowledge about and passion for cars. They are happy to advise you about the range so that you can make the right and most sustainable choice that suits your company. The big advantage of a financial lease is that you immediately become the owner of the car and that you can invest without loss of liquidity. You are also entitled to benefits from a tax point of view, such as interest deduction and investment deduction because you are the economic owner of the car. This also means that you can reclaim the VAT on the purchase price. Opting for a finance lease therefore entails many advantages. With the lease calculator you get a good first picture of the investment that comes with your dream car. A personal conversation with one of our lease experts will give you even more clarity.

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