Car leasing for business

As an entrepreneur, are you often on the road, for example to visit customers? Then a good, representative car is an indispensable calling card for you. As a self-employed person or entrepreneur, would you like to purchase a new car, but do not want to invest the purchase price in one go? Then (business) leasing may be a better option for you. By choosing a lease car you can spread the purchase amount over a longer period. This way you keep the money within your company. You can also take advantage of various attractive tax schemes and discounts. Below we explain how it works.

What is business leasing?

Do you opt for business leasing? Then a leasing company will finance your company car or vehicle. You can choose from different types of lease contracts, including financial lease . You can compare a financial lease with a mortgage; You pay a monthly amount with interest and when you have paid off the amount in full, the car is yours. With a mortgage, the house serves as your collateral, with a financial lease contract it is the car. That is an important advantage of financial leasing: after the contract ends, you do not have to return the car to the leasing company. When you enter into a financial lease contract, you are the direct economic owner of the car. Has the contract expired? Then you are also the legal owner of the car.

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The benefits of business leasing

As an entrepreneur, it is very attractive to opt for leasing a company car or vehicle, especially when you opt for financial leasing. With a financial lease contract you can benefit from many financial benefits. Below we explain the most important benefits.

Spread the purchase amount

For you as an entrepreneur, a neat, representative car is a must when you visit customers. Unfortunately, a new car is quite an investment. Not every entrepreneur can or wants to afford this. Fortunately, there is a solution: financial lease. With a financial lease contract you spread the purchase price of the car over several months. After concluding the lease contract, you can drive away in your new car within a few hours, because you are immediately the economic owner!

No kilometer limit

Another important advantage of choosing a financial lease contract is that you are not tied to a kilometer limit. This is different with operational and private lease contracts: with such contracts you are often bound to a maximum number of kilometers that you can drive your car (for private purposes). Do you drive more kilometers? Then you have to pay extra for that. This is not the case with a financial lease contract. This is because you are the economic owner of the (company) car. So you decide where you drive your car and when. So you can go on holiday with your lease car without any problems!

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Tax benefit

Finally, the tax benefit is also an important advantage of financial leasing. As an entrepreneur you benefit from the following tax benefits:

  • Interest deduction: With a financial lease, your lease contract is viewed as a business loan. As an entrepreneur, you can deduct the interest on a business loan from your profit.
  • Investment deduction: Many entrepreneurs can make use of the investment deduction. You can deduct this investment deduction from your profit, so you have to pay less tax. There are three types of investment deduction: the small-scale investment deduction, the energy investment deduction and the environmental investment deduction. You can use the latter, for example, if you lease a fully electric car.
  • Reclaiming VAT: You can reclaim the VAT on your lease car with your tax return. This will make your monthly payment a lot lower!
  • Depreciation: A business lease car is seen as a business asset. That is why you can put the lease car on the balance sheet and deduct 20% of the purchase value every year. This means you have less profit on the balance sheet, which means you have to pay less tax.

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As you have read above, leasing a car on the basis of financial lease has many advantages for you as an entrepreneur. Leasing a car or company car also has great added value for your company. At 123Lease you can choose from countless cars and commercial vehicles and you will be helped by advisors with knowledge of and a passion for cars. This way you always get the best deal and you can go about your business with a good feeling.

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