Lease a car cheaply

Cheap leasing

Lease a car for the lowest price. Sometimes it is not important and you are not looking for a nice, luxurious car, but just want to lease a car cheaply. The prices of financial leases are often not too bad. In our lease stock you will find various cheap cars and commercial vehicles that you can lease very cheaply.

Cheap leasing

Financial lease can be surprisingly beneficial. You will notice this when you look at our lease stock. This contains thousands of cars and commercial vehicles. These are new, almost new or used. This way you can find out exactly what suits your budget best. You will of course find the lowest lease prices for the smallest and/or oldest vehicles. From a small city car to a large delivery van, on both petrol or diesel and of course also as a hybrid or electric car, our lease stock is extensive and diverse. All vehicles are offered at the lowest possible rates. If you want to lease a car or company car cheaply, you have come to the right place.

Lease a car under 100 euros

If you want to lease a car with the lowest possible costs, there are still quite a few options. It seems almost unimaginable, but it is even possible to lease a car for less than 100 euros. Of course you only have a choice of cheaper or older cars, but you can indeed lease a car for under 100 euros per month . Be aware that it is not just about the lowest lease rate, but the total costs. For example, if you opt for an older car, you run the risk that the maintenance costs are somewhat higher. That is why you could also consider looking at a car with a slightly higher lease amount. View all cars with a monthly amount lower than 100 euros.

Lease a car under 150 euros

If you have a little more budget and want to lease a vehicle under 150 euros, you will see that you have much more choice and that the cars are often a lot newer. For example, you can also lease many young used cars for under 150 euros . These are often much cheaper in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance costs, so that you may end up being much cheaper. Leasing a somewhat younger car also has the advantage that you drive a more modern, more recent car that is often equipped with modern conveniences such as a Bluetooth car kit.
View all cars with a monthly amount lower than 150 euros.

Lease a car under 200 euros

If you buy a car under 200 euros , you can even choose from a large number of new cars and commercial vehicles. Here you clearly notice the advantage of a financial lease. The lease amounts are relatively low so that you can even lease a new car for a small budget. This does not even concern the smallest cars. If you are looking for a young used car, you can even choose from various middle class and station wagons. This way you can still drive a spacious, comfortable car or spacious and reliable company car for a relatively low amount and with few additional costs.
View all cars with a monthly amount lower than 200 euros.