Lease a car cheaply

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As an entrepreneur, would you like to lease a car easily and cheaply?

Many entrepreneurs would like to lease a nice car. Financial leasing can be the solution for every type of entrepreneur, regardless of the phase your company is in. Whether you are a starting or experienced entrepreneur, 123Lease always has a car or company car available that suits you and your company. In our leasing stock you will find many different types of cars and commercial vehicles that you can lease for a low amount.

We are happy to help you find a car that suits your wishes and needs, so that you make a sustainable choice that suits your company. This can often be a lot cheaper than you think. With financial leasing this is already possible with an amount of less than 100 euros per month!

Leasing a car cheaply

A financial lease does not have to be expensive at all. You can see this immediately when you look at our lease stock . You will find thousands of cars and commercial vehicles there. From new to almost new or used but in good condition and from electric to gas or hybrid. Our advisors with passion for and knowledge about cars are happy to help you find a model that suits your personal situation and budget.

Looking for a business lease car or company car for a small budget? Then look at the smaller or older models, where you will find the vehicles with the best prices.

Leasing a car under 100 euros

123 Lease has cars available for every budget. This also applies to a budget of up to EUR 100. You may hardly imagine it, but it is really possible to lease a car for less than 100 euros per month. The choice is somewhat more limited in this price category: you can mainly choose from the cheaper and/or older cars.

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Are you going to lease a car and are you paying particular attention to the price? Be aware that it is not only the lease rate that plays a role, but that more costs are involved. For example, maintenance costs for older cars are often relatively higher. That is why in some cases it is ultimately cheaper to lease a car at a slightly higher rate.

Curious about what really is the cheapest option for you? Contact our advisor Tim , he is happy to provide you with tailor-made expert advice.

Leasing a car under 150 euros

Do you have a little more budget available and would you like to lease a car or company car for up to 150 euros per month ? Then the range of lease vehicles is much more extensive. In the range up to 150 euros you will find more variation in the type of cars available and there are newer models among them.

With a monthly amount of up to 150 euros you can often lease many young used cars. An important advantage of this type of car is that maintenance costs are much lower. Newly used cars also often use a lot less fuel. That is why it is usually cheaper to opt for an economical, newly used lease car than an older lease car up to 100 euros per month.

Curious about how this applies to your situation? Ask one of our advisors. Call 038-2022660 or email

Another important advantage of the cars in this category is that they look more modern and are often equipped with modern tools that make driving more comfortable, such as Bluetooth Car Kits.

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Leasing a car under 200 euros

Do you opt for a lease car for less than 200 euros per month ? Then you have even more choice and you can even lease completely new cars and commercial vehicles. In this price range you can choose from relatively small new cars and young used station wagons and mid-range cars. Choosing a financial lease clearly has many advantages and makes it possible for you to drive a nice, representative car or company car for a relatively low amount.

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