Occasional Leasing

Leasing a second-hand car?

Would you like to lease a car, but are the high monthly costs of a new car holding you back? Then leasing a used car is something for you! By leasing a second-hand car, you can often lease a car a lot cheaper. And without having to compromise on the quality or representativeness of your car. With a used car lease you can quickly save up to hundreds of euros per month and you can often pick up your new car within a few days!

Leasing a used car is in most cases much cheaper than leasing a new car. This way you pay a much lower monthly amount and your car is usually available a lot faster than if you opt for a new lease car. In addition, if you opt for financial leasing , you can often trade in your old car at the garage where your lease car is located, in exchange for a significant discount on the total lease amount .

As a business driver you can also often benefit from a lower additional tax if you opt for a 'young' used car. Nowadays there are more and more good-looking, young used cars available for business leasing.

At 123Lease it is only possible to lease a car as an entrepreneur.

Leasing a used car for business: the benefits

Leasing a used car has many advantages. Not only financially, but also in practical terms. In addition, many young, used cars often look just as neat and representative as new cars. By leasing a used car for business purposes, you do have the representativeness of a nice, neat car, without the high monthly amount that comes with a completely new lease car.

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Occasion leasing: a lower purchase price

Are you going to lease a second-hand passenger car or commercial vehicle for business? Then the high depreciation of the first few years will be gone. This makes the car a lot cheaper to lease, even if you choose a younger model.

Second-hand leasing: quickly available

Do you quickly need another car for your company? Many new lease cars nowadays have a long delivery time. Occasions are simply available from stock . This way you will quickly have that beautiful, representative car available with which you can safely visit your customers and business relations.

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Second-hand financial lease: trade-in possible

Do you opt for a financial lease? Then you buy your car from a garage. You can also trade in your old car at the garage. By trading in your old car at the garage, your lease amount will be a lot lower! This is because the lease amount is based on the amount you have to pay for your car. Since you are trading in your old car, this amount will be much lower. This way you benefit from a double benefit: lower costs for the used car itself and a significant discount because you trade in your old car.

Leasing a used car as an entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur? Then it can be very attractive for you to lease a used car. Of course, advantages such as the low purchase price and the short delivery time also count for you, but as an entrepreneur you benefit from even more important advantages.

Tax deductible

As an entrepreneur, if you opt for financial leasing, you can reclaim the VAT you pay on your lease car. This is also possible when you lease a used car, as long as it is a so-called VAT car .

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Low additional tax

Are you going to lease a relatively new used car? Then you benefit from a low additional tax! The low additional tax is valid until 5 years after the car was first registered. With this type of used car, you not only have a relatively new car in your possession, but you also benefit from much lower costs.

Deductible interest

As an entrepreneur, you may already be familiar with the option of deducting the interest on your financial lease from your taxes. Did you know that this is also possible if you opt for a financial used car lease?

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Occasion leasing at 123Lease

Would you like to lease a used car? The 123Lease advisors are ready to help you. With their passion for and knowledge about cars, advisors Tim and Edwin provide you with personal advice. This way we can help you on your way without any worries! See here why 123Lease is the right choice for you.