Lease used cars

Want to lease a used car?

The advantage of a financial lease is that you can also lease a used car instead of a new car. This is often a lot cheaper and also faster to deliver. And not only that, because you can usually also trade in your older car at the garage where the car of your choice is, so that the lease amount is even lower. A possible down payment or final installment makes the monthly amount even lower. As a business driver, you can sometimes also benefit from the lower addition of a young used car.

Advantages of leasing a used car

Leasing a used car has quite a few advantages, both practically and financially. These can far outweigh the fact that you are driving around in a used car. Incidentally, young used cars generally look just as neat and representative as new cars.

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Lower purchase price

A passenger car or company car of which the relatively high depreciation of the first few years has already been paid is relatively cheap. This makes leasing a young used car relatively inexpensive.

Quick delivery

If you quickly need another car for your company, you often have to deal with a delivery time in the case of a new car. Occasions, however, are simply available from stock.

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Trade-in possible

Because you buy your lease car in the case of financial leasing from a garage, you can also trade in your old car there. The lease amount is based on the amount that you have to pay, and in the case of trade-in therefore a lot lower.

Lease a used car for business

It can also be attractive for entrepreneurs to lease a used car. The lower purchase price and the quick availability are very pleasant, but there are even more advantages for business drivers.

Tax deductible

When purchasing a new car, you as an entrepreneur can reclaim the VAT paid. This is also the case if you opt for a financial lease. The VAT can also be settled with used cars, provided it concerns a so -called VAT car .

Low addition

The used car range still includes many young used cars to which a low additional tax liability applies. These low addition percentages are valid until 5 years after the first registration of the car.

Interest deductible

If you are an entrepreneur, the interest you pay with financial leasing is a deductible item for tax. This interest is therefore also simply deductible if you have chosen to lease a used car.