Operational Lease Promotions

If you choose Operational Lease, you mainly choose the benefits and not the burdens. Operational Lease is a form of leasing in which you are completely relieved of the burden. The leasing company takes care of almost everything for you. In addition to paying the monthly amount for the Operational Lease, you only have to drive and refuel.

Choose the car that suits you right away

No fuss

With Operational Lease you can drive a new car carefree. You only pay the monthly lease amount and your fuel and you have no other unexpected costs. All you have to do is take the car to the garage for service in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The maintenance costs are for the account of the lease company, as are the costs of repairs, insurance, depreciation, road tax, breakdown assistance and replacement transport.

No unexpected costs

The big advantage of this advantage of Operational Lease is that you have no unexpected costs. The only thing you have to deal with is the monthly lease amount and the costs for parking and fuel. With Operational Lease you know exactly where you stand.

How Operational Lease works

Leasing a car via Operational Lease is very simple:

1. Choose your car

You look at which car you would like to drive, including all accessories and options. Then you determine how many kilometers you drive annually.

2. Request a quote without obligation at 123Lease.nl

Then contact 123Lease.nl, we will discuss with you which lease period is most suitable for you. Then a few other matters will be offered, after which we will send you a non-binding proposal.

3. Sign the lease contract

If you agree to this and the lease company has also examined whether you can meet your obligations, the lease contract will be signed.

Finally, the leasing company will ensure that you have access to your new lease car as soon as possible.