Financial Lease Private

Financial leasing has many advantages. We understand that you have become enthusiastic about this lease form. But to lease a car on the basis of financial lease, you must have a Chamber of Commerce number.

It is therefore not possible for a private individual to opt for financial leasing.

Leasing a car as a private individual

Are you not an entrepreneur and therefore not in possession of a Chamber of Commerce number? Then unfortunately, as a private individual, you cannot conclude a lease contract based on a financial lease. You must enter a Chamber of Commerce number when you opt for financial lease.

As a private individual you can opt for private leasing. With this type of lease, you pay a certain amount per month to be able to drive around in a new or second-hand car.

Please note: at 123Lease we do not offer private lease.

Leasing a car as an entrepreneur

Do you have a Chamber of Commerce number? Then you can benefit from the many benefits of financial leasing. Thanks to financial leasing you can drive around in a representative car, you are the economic owner of the car and you are entitled to a number of tax benefits. View all financial lease deals here.

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In addition to financial lease, as an entrepreneur you can also opt for operational lease, where you can drive around in a brand new car. All costs are covered, except for fuel and parking costs. View the operational lease offer here.

Are you unsure which lease type suits you best? Please contact Roy, Tim or Edwin. They can answer all your questions!

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