Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions for applying for a financial lease?

As an entrepreneur, you can submit an application provided you have a valid Chamber of Commerce number. The only exception to this are the liberal professions.

I am a starting entrepreneur, can I apply for a financial lease?

Yes, it is also possible for starting entrepreneurs to take out a financial lease.

Can private individuals apply for a financial lease?

No, financial lease is only possible for entrepreneurs and companies with a valid Chamber of Commerce number.

What information do you need when applying for a lease?

We can submit applications without annual figures. But if it is mandatory, we will contact you.

Do I immediately own the vehicle?

Yes, you are free to stand and go wherever you want by car. The car does serve as collateral for the lender. The lender is the legal owner of the car and you as an entrepreneur are the economic owner.

Is insurance, maintenance and road tax included in the financial lease?

No, with a financial lease insurance, maintenance and road tax are not included.

What are the differences between financial, operational and private lease?

To see all the differences and benefits of these lease types, you can go to the following page: differences per lease type .

What are the advantages of a financial lease compared to other lease types?

With a financial lease you are the direct owner of the car. You are not bound by restrictions in terms of kilometers and you have many tax advantages as an entrepreneur. For example, you can immediately reclaim the VAT of the purchase price.

What happens if my company stops?

If you stop with your company, then a redemption is necessary. If you want to sell the car to another company, you must short-circuit this with the lender. If this is the case, you can always contact our customer service.

Can I register the car privately?

This is possible, you must then sign in private, but you should get good advice about the VAT to be reclaimed.

Can I lease a car that is not on your website?

Yes, that's possible. In that case, indicate the registration number of this car on the quotation form and indicate the sales address. We can then make a sharp and appropriate proposal.

Are the monthly installments fixed?

Yes, these terms cannot be changed in the meantime.

Is it possible to reclaim VAT on the monthly lease amount?

No, you can only reclaim the full VAT amount when purchasing the car. In some cases you can co-finance the VAT. In that case you will also receive the full amount of VAT back.

Can I take out a financial lease with a negative BKR code?

123Lease can mean nothing for owners of a sole proprietorship or VOF with an ongoing backlog code.

What happens at the end of the contract?

When the last installment has been paid and any final installment has been paid, you are the full owner of the car. Economic and legal.

Glossary Financial Lease

What is a closing term?

A final installment is the amount that still has to be paid at the end of the term of your contract. You do not pay any redemption on this during the term.

What is VAT?

VAT is calculated based on the new price of the car. The VAT can often be reclaimed. As soon as a car has been registered in the name of a private individual, the car becomes a margin car. VAT stands for value added tax.

What is BPM?

An extra tax, called BPM, will be imposed on passenger cars and motor vehicles. The amount of the bpm is linked to the new price, emissions and year of manufacture of the car. Several delivery vans and taxis are exempt from BPM. The abbreviation BPM and the meaning of BPM: tax persons motor vehicles.

The differences between BPM and VAT?

VAT is levied on all goods and services within the Netherlands, including cars. BPM only applies to passenger cars and motor vehicles.

What does a term mean and what is the maximum term?

The term is the period for which the financing applies. It also depends on the year of construction and the desired possible period until repayment.

What are the differences between a VAT car and a margin car?

On this page: What is the difference between VAT and margin car . Do you see all the differences between these two shapes. As an entrepreneur you still have to pay the VAT on a VAT car. This is not necessary on a margin car. The VAT can only be reclaimed on a VAT car.