Why 123Lease

Why should you choose 123Lease?

We are an added value for you! We do this by adhering to a number of spearheads. We offer quality, act with integrity and are reliable.

We at 123Lease promise to treat every visitor in the same way and this according to our four spearheads.

Reliable advice

Transparent and honest advice, with the specialist knowledge of a car salesman. That way you make the right choice.

Independent Mediator

We represent your interests. We are the independent intermediary between you, the car dealer and the bank.


We take care of everything. We take care of your worries. This allows you to use your time in what you are good at, namely running a business.

Quick contact

No long waiting times, just via WhatsApp. Your personal lease advisor responds faster than the average friend.

Benefits of a financial lease via 123Lease.nl

There are several advantages with financial leasing via 123Lease. Below you will find these benefits:

A proposal within 4 hours
You will receive a proposal within 4 hours on every application that is accepted. If you are not accepted, you will receive a response;

Car becomes your property
123Lease works exclusively on the basis of a financial lease, which means that at the end of your contract the car is your property;

Acceptance without annual figures
At 123Lease you can also get approval on your application, without having to present annual figures, it's that simple;

Fast and personal contact
At 123Lease you are guaranteed fast and personal contact, our advisors can be reached by phone and WhatsApp.