Leasing an imported car: the many advantages

24 oktober 2021

You don't just have to look in the Netherlands when you look for your dream car. You can also choose to import a car. Many cars are imported, especially from Germany. Both leasing and importing a car from abroad have many advantages. You can read which ones they are below.

A bigger selection

The range of cars abroad is much more extensive. For example, in Germany alone you can choose from up to two million cars. In addition, there is even a shortage of used cars in the Netherlands: in the Netherlands you can choose from about four hundred thousand second-hand cars.

Financial advantages

Not only the large selection is a reason that persuades many people to opt for an imported car: there are also a number of financial advantages associated with importing a car. In general, imported cars are a lot cheaper than if you lease the same car in the Netherlands. The low purchase price is favorable for the monthly lease amount. When you import a young car, you also have to deal with a lower bpm. In addition, when leasing a car you do not have to deposit a large amount of money at once: this is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs.


The bpm is also referred to as the tax on passenger cars and motorcycles. Determining the bpm is an important step if you are considering importing a car. On the basis of this you can check whether you can make a good deal. The bpm is determined, among other things, by the size of the CO2 emissions, the year of manufacture of the car, the make and type and the fuel on which the car runs. You can easily calculate the bpm via the internet.

Fast delivery

If you have your eye on a specific car from a Dutch dealer, you may have to wait a long time for your brand new lease car. Sometimes you have waiting times of several months. In addition, there are cars that are no longer available in the Netherlands at all due to the limited supply. Fortunately, when importing a lease car, you will have your car on the doorstep in no time in most cases. However, importing a car takes about two weeks.

Many options

Cars from abroad are usually known for their many technical gadgets. There are often more luxurious versions driving around abroad than we are used to in the Netherlands. These cars are often labeled as 'bald'. When importing a lease car, there is a good chance that you will lease a car with all kinds of options that are not even available in the Netherlands, such as a head-up display.

You have to think about this

Perhaps you have a good idea of what your ideal car will look like. If you don't have this yet, it is important to list what your future car must meet. For example, you can filter on the car brand, the color and the fuel on which the car runs. An electric car in particular has become popular in recent years because it does not emit any harmful substances.