The benefits of electric business driving

20 september 2021

An electric car does not emit any polluting gases, such as CO2 and nitrogen dioxide. That is one of the reasons why the government encourages people to buy or lease an electric car. In addition to contributing to the environment, there are also other (tax) benefits associated with it. You can read below which ones they are.

1. Environmental Investment Allowance

The environmental investment deduction, also called MIA, is a scheme that you may deduct from the company's profits. This year one could deduct the MIA from the profit up to 36 percent of the investment amount. However, this percentage does depend on your car and how 'green' it is.

2. Exemption from BPM and MRB

Just like private individuals, entrepreneurs do not pay BPM and MRB when they drive an electric car. You can certainly take advantage of this until 2025. The BPM, also known as the tax on passenger cars and motor vehicles, was previously calculated by the amount of CO2 that your car emitted. And since electric cars do not emit harmful substances, you are exempt from this. In addition, the motor vehicle tax for electric cars has also been lifted in order to further stimulate electric driving.

3. Lower addition

As an entrepreneur, do you lease an electric car, or do you drive a company electric car? Then that is also a lot cheaper when it comes to addition. Electric cars pay a lot less additional tax than petrol and diesel cars. For cars that received a license plate in 2021 you only pay twelve percent additional tax, but this percentage will increase every year. Moreover, you pay this percentage for the first forty thousand euros: for the amount that exceeds that, you pay the 'normal' percentage. That's 22 percent.

4. Local subsidies

In some cases you can apply for a local subsidy if you buy an electric car. This is possible in a number of provinces and municipalities. In many cases, these municipalities and provinces also make the purchase of a charging station at home attractive. Sometimes there are a number of snags: for example, that the charging station must be accessible to everyone. So check this carefully with your municipality or province.

5. Save on fuel and maintenance

Although electric driving is not free, it is a lot cheaper than driving on fuel. You pay an average of eleven euros for a hundred kilometers in a petrol car. That adds up quickly if you have to go to work every day or visit customers. For electric driving you pay on average only 3.50 euros for a hundred kilometers.

In addition, an electric car is cheaper to maintain than a fuel car. This is because an electric car has fewer parts than a combustion engine. Regular oil changes are also a thing of the past, which is often seen as a tedious job.

6. Better image

As an entrepreneur you show the outside world that you care about the environment when you drive an electric car. This can not only generate a good feeling with the customer, but also in the business world. Perhaps you encourage them to start driving electrically as well. Research has even shown that a large proportion of people consider it important that entrepreneurs want to pursue a social goal. In this case: better care for the environment.