What is Operational Lease?

At Operational Lease, everything is aimed at unburdening the customer as much as possible. The only thing that has to do with this in this case is the monthly bill from the leasing company and the parking and fuel costs. All other matters associated with driving a car are for the account of the leasing company

Especially leasing new cars

Operational Lease focuses mainly on new cars. The costs of maintenance and depreciation are the largest cost item and therefore largely determine the lease amount. These costs can be controlled most accurately with new cars that are maintained in accordance with factory regulations. That is why it is most economical with Operational Lease to only work with new cars.

Lease used cars?

If you prefer to lease an occasion, it is better to opt for a financial lease . This is usually the cheapest lease form for used cars.

Lease amount

The amount to be paid monthly with Operational Lease includes everything, except for fuel and parking costs. The leasing company takes care of the purchase of the car, insurance, road tax, maintenance & repair as well as roadside assistance and replacement transport. The depreciation of the car is also included.

fuel card

The only costs that are added are the costs for fuel and parking. To make it even easier, a fuel card is often used so that collecting fuel receipts is no longer necessary. In that case, the customer will receive a monthly itemized summary invoice for the fuel costs incurred that month.

lease contract

The lease contract not only states which car it concerns and which version, but also the length of the lease period and the maximum number of kilometers that can be driven per year. In addition, there are also additional conditions regarding, for example, no-claim discount, deductible in the event of damage, breakdown assistance and replacement transport abroad, and various matters such as winter tires.

More kilometers than agreed?

If more kilometers are driven, the costs of maintenance and depreciation are higher. If that has to be paid afterwards, this often results in a hefty bill. If it gradually becomes clear that more kilometers are indeed being driven, it is more favorable to have the lease contract adjusted as soon as possible so that the monthly amount is increased in the meantime.

Early termination of contract

Unless something has been agreed about this, it is not possible to terminate the lease contract early without having to pay a lump sum. The amount of this lump sum is determined by the lease company.

no owner

Anyone who chooses to lease a car via this lease form does not become the owner of the car. The car remains the legal and economic property of the lease company. This means that you are not allowed to apply lettering or accessories just like that. This can affect the residual value or maintenance costs of the car. You must therefore always request permission from the lease company.

Take over the car

In most cases, however, it is possible to take over the car from the lease company after the lease period has expired. But in most cases, the car and keys are simply handed in at the end of the lease period and a new lease contract has already been concluded for another lease car.

No unexpected costs

The big advantage of Operational Lease is that you know exactly what you have to pay each month, except for the fuel costs. Even if the car regularly has to go to the garage for repairs, these are for the account of the garage.

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