Sales of electric vans will more than double by 2022

30 november 2022

Electric driving is becoming more popular by the day. That is not surprising, because electric driving is stimulated by the government and it is of course better for the environment. This popularity is also reflected in the figures when we look at the number of electric and hybrid vans sold in the past year. In 2022, 58 percent more electric and hybrid vans will be sold than in 2021, Statistics Netherlands reports.

An increase, but that increase is disappointing

Sales of electric and hybrid vans will therefore more than double in 2022, when we look at the previous year. Electric delivery vans from the Opel and Peugeot brands in particular often went over the counter.

The doubling seems enormous, but if we look at the overall picture, this is actually quite disappointing. In total, only a small 10,000 electric company buses are registered in the Netherlands: that is a tiny part of the entire fleet of vehicles in the Netherlands.

Leasing an electric van

The increase is positive, but there is much more to be achieved when it comes to electric driving for entrepreneurs. Electric driving has many advantages for the entrepreneur. It's better for the image, better for the environment and you can save a lot on it. However, there is also a small doubt, especially when it comes to the high purchase price.

In this case, leasing can be a good option. Financial lease in particular has many advantages for the entrepreneur, including a number of tax advantages. In addition, you immediately become the economic owner of the vehicle. Check the offer on 123Lease for the best electric financial lease deals !