Switching a car with a current lease contract: that's how it works

09 december 2022

Do you drive around in a lease car, but does this car no longer fully match your current situation or business ambitions for the future? Then 123Lease comes up with a solution, because you can exchange your current lease car for a car that does meet your wishes and needs. Even if you do not lease your current lease car through 123Lease, we can help you. You can read exactly how that works below.

Always drive around in a representative car

As an entrepreneur you naturally want to drive around in a representative car that works properly. Unfortunately, it can happen that the car starts to break down, or that the car no longer suits your situation. Perhaps you want a car with more cargo space or you would like to switch to electric. You can purchase a new car for this, but you can also simply exchange your current lease car for another car based on a financial lease. With a financial lease you can always drive around in a representative car.

Without costs or fines

If you are already driving around in a car based on a financial lease, you can exchange this car for another one at 123Lease without any problems. And that happens without costs, fines or other crazy surprises. The new lease contract will be settled with your old lease contract. This means that the monthly term can change. This of course depends on the value of the new car.

That is how it works

Exchanging your current lease car for another car is a piece of cake. You simply choose another car and request a quote for it. Please state that you already drive a lease car. Our lease advisor Edwin will then contact you so that you can immediately drive around in your brand new car after approval and signing of the new contract.

About 123Lease

Do you want to lease a car as an entrepreneur? Then 123Lease will help you on your way carefree with the car and lease solution that suits your business wishes and needs. Our team of expert advisors with a passion for and knowledge about cars will help you make the right choice that suits your wishes, needs and company.

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