Leasing a car financially is a sustainable choice

16 maart 2022

When you are about to lease a car, you can choose from various leasing options. For example, you can opt for Operational Lease: a lease form where you drive around in a new car and which you must return to the dealer after the lease contract. You can also opt for a financial lease , where you are the direct economic owner of the car and you can keep it after the lease contract. The latter in particular is a sustainable choice. Below we tell you more.

Operational and finance lease: the difference

Let's go back to the different lease forms. As mentioned earlier, as an entrepreneur you can usually choose between operational and financial lease. Each form of lease has a number of advantages. With an operational lease , matters such as maintenance, the cost of road tax and the cost of insurance for the car are borne by the leasing company. A nice thought. However, you must return the car to the lease company after the lease contract and you pay monthly for these extra matters. After this contract, you can choose to lease again, so that you always drive around in a brand new car. But you can also opt for Financial Lease instead.

With a financial lease you have to take care of the costs such as road tax, maintenance and insurance yourself. And that is logical, because you are the direct economic owner of the lease car. And after the lease contract you can also keep the car, making you the legal owner. This allows you to enjoy your car for as long as you want.

Give a car a second life

And that is precisely the difference. With a financial lease you can benefit from the car for years, while with an operational lease you have to return the car after the lease contract. As a result, people often opt for an operational lease again, and therefore also for a new car. As a result, new cars have to be produced continuously. And that in turn is harmful to the environment, because a lot of CO2 is released during the production of a car. Especially when it comes to the battery of an electric car.

It is therefore a wise choice to go for sustainable. And by that we mean for financial lease. Give a car a second life with a financial lease and drive it around for as long as you want. Moreover, most financial lease cars are immediately available from stock. Very nice if you want to use a car right away.

Even more benefits of a financial lease

In addition to being a sustainable choice, a financial lease car has even more advantages. As an entrepreneur, you are entitled to various tax benefits. Consider, for example, the investment deduction, the interest deduction and the recovery of VAT. That saves you a lot of costs. Moreover, you can provide the car with stickers, because you can do whatever you want with the car: after all, you are the owner of it. This is especially an advantage if you want to use your car as a marketing tool to promote your company. Reasons enough to opt for a financial lease !