1 million euros in mobility for entrepreneurs in 2 months

13 juni 2019

123Lease from Zwolle made a flying start and helps entrepreneurs on their way.

Zwolle, 12 June 2019

More than 75 entrepreneurs found their way to the newly started company from Zwolle in two months. With a total of more than one million euros in financed company cars, these entrepreneurs are provided with a new car or a young used second-hand car.

After the go-ahead was given on April 1 with the launch of the website, everything went smoothly. More than 55,000 vehicles from 650 car companies are shown on the website. With filters such as the brand, the desired lease amount and the mileage, it is easy for entrepreneurs to find the right car. Matthijs Huisman of 123Lease says: “ The technology is a strong point within our company. In order to keep up with developments in the market, we must be able to switch quickly. By making technology the number one priority, all processes are set up as efficiently as possible ”.

The platform has been intensively built for more than 8 months, with careful consideration of the wishes of entrepreneurs. With a team of programmers, online marketers and lease specialists, all processes within the website have been completed and optimized. Providing a good experience is therefore a high priority.

123Lease has quickly become a serious player in a competitive market. Huisman says about how 123Lease wants to distinguish itself in this market: “ Entrepreneurs are often busy and are looking for a party that can unburden them in the field of mobility. Quick contact via WhatsApp is then a solution, so an entrepreneur can respond when it suits him. In addition, we will soon also be launching services such as insurance and fuel cards, with which an entrepreneur can go to one place for all his mobility questions ”.

The company's objective is to mediate 6 million euros worth of lease contracts this year. Huisman: “ There are a lot of entrepreneurs that we are going to provide with mobility with a car or company bus ”. 123Lease also wants to take a shot at the prize for best website in the car category.