What is import lease?

Are you looking for your dream car, but can't you find it in the Netherlands? Then you can look abroad. You can easily import a car and then lease it. This is also called an import lease. Import lease has many advantages , but it works slightly differently than when you lease a car in the Netherlands. Below we discuss all the ins and outs about import lease.

Why import lease?

Many people find it attractive to import a car. The supply of cars is many times greater abroad than in the Netherlands. Just look at Germany: there you can choose from two million cars. That is for most people the reason to import a car from abroad. These cars are also often equipped with the latest technological gadgets and a luxurious version.

Financial advantages

In addition to the wide range and appearance of the car, it also has a number of favorable benefits for your wallet. For example, cars abroad are often a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands, especially the younger used cars. You will then notice this in the monthly lease amount.

You will also not escape the bpm – tax on passenger cars and motorcycles. When importing a car, the bpm amount must always be calculated. This calculation takes into account, among other things, the year of manufacture of the car, the make of the car and the type of fuel on which the car runs. The advantage of an import car is that you only have to pay the remaining amount of the bpm. You do not have to pay bpm for the years in which the car was not driven in the Netherlands.

It is important to calculate your bpm in different ways, because often this is the decisive factor for importing the car. Therefore, carefully consider the amount that you have to pay in tax. In addition, there are a few cases where you do not have to pay bpm at all. That is when you are going to use the import car as a company car or a taxi. To do this, the car must remain in the company for five years. Finally, you do not have to pay bpm if you drive around in a fully electric car.

Best import lease deals

It can therefore be very interesting to lease a car from abroad. The lease form ' financial lease ' is particularly attractive. Firstly, from an economic point of view, you are the owner of the car immediately: that means that you can immediately be spotted on the road in your brand new car. And as an entrepreneur you benefit from tax advantages. Reasons enough to import a car! Check out the best import lease deals here.