Self-employed carpenter Chris in his Ford Transit

12 juni 2023

Self-employed carpenter Chris leases his 2020 Ford Transit for 454 per month. In this video he tells us why he chose 123Lease.

"During the day I'm working with customers and I don't have time to sort everything out. Contact at 123Lease was quick, via WhatsApp and during the weekend. This meant I knew which bus I needed in no time."

What requirements did your new business car have to meet?
“I have to visit customers every day for my work and I was looking for a reliable bus with plenty of space and a tow bar. I also want to have the bus stickered with my company name, that will come later.” said Chris.

What were your wishes for your financial lease contract?
Chris: “Convenience and speed. I needed a new bus and wanted to have that arranged as quickly as possible. I'm working with clients during the day and don't have time to sort everything out. I wanted a good deal, with the lowest possible monthly costs. Contact with 123Lease went smoothly via WhatsApp and during the weekend. I figured out which bus it should be in no time!”

Why is financial leasing a good fit for you?
Chris says: “One of the main reasons why I chose financial leasing is that I do not have to pay the purchase price of the bus in one go. I want to grow with my company and, through the financial lease of my bus, I have the financial space to invest in working capital.”

How did you end up at 123Lease for your application?
“Google. I made a number of requests and I became enthusiastic about 123Lease. Nice and clear, no fuss. I knew immediately where I stood. It's also nice to speak to leasing advisors who really understand cars. That saved me a lot of time.” Chris concludes his story.

Did you know that in addition to our current offer , you can lease any car or company bus for business via 123Lease? Our leasing advisors are happy to explain to you how it works!