Immediately more working capital with Sale & Leaseback

07 april 2020

As an entrepreneur, do you need money to invest in your business? Does your company have one or more (company) cars? Then Sale & Leaseback is a solution with which capital can be released immediately and you remain the owner of the cars. In addition, you have fixed monthly costs and you know exactly where you stand.

How does Sale & Leaseback work?

Your car is part of your company's assets. It is on the balance sheet and is valued lower and lower due to depreciation. As a result, the operating capacity slowly decreases. The money that the car is worth is tied up in this, which cannot be used to finance the growth of your company, for example.

By converting this car to a financial lease via Sale & Leaseback, you free up financial space to invest. The growth that you can achieve with this is often higher than the extra costs you incur in interest for the lease.

The benefits of Sale & Leaseback

With a financial lease you are the economic owner of the car. Exactly as you are used to when the car is bought. As a result, you continue to benefit from all tax benefits such as depreciation, interest deduction, investment deduction and VAT refund. When the lease contract has ended, you are also the legal owner of the car again.

  • Quick capital available in your company
  • You continue to drive your own car
  • Own the car as you are used to
  • Rates per month are fixed
  • For one or more cars helps your company to get an extra capital injection quickly. For more information, please contact us free of charge and without obligation, this can be done by telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail. Our lease advisors are ready to help you.