Operational Lease the Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The Mercedes A-Class is the smallest model of the German premium car manufacturer. The current generation of the Mercedes A-Class is one of the few cars in this segment available as a 3- and 5-door hatchback and as a 4-door sedan (limousine).

Huge variety of engine configurations

The A-Class distinguishes itself from the competition by the enormous variety of engines. Mercedes has three diesel engines available for business drivers who really make a lot of kilometers. There is a huge choice of petrol engines – especially if you opt for an automatic transmission. There is a choice of a wide range of motors from 100 to 165 kW. In addition, Mercedes also has the sporty AMG versions in the A-Class with an output of up to 225 kW.

A-Class also as a plug-in hybrid

Mercedes also thinks of the environment and therefore also supplies the A-Class as a plug-in hybrid. This is also a very desirable version with a total power of 160 kW and a high torque of no less than 450 Nm. The electric motor provides extra power during acceleration and also offers the possibility to drive a maximum distance of 71 kilometers in the city in pure electric mode – emission-free and whisper-quiet.

With Operational Lease you can drive this Mercedes-Benz A-Class from €462 p/m

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

MBUX makes driving a special experience. This system works with self-learning, artificial intelligence that adapts better and better to the driver over time. It works together with the speech-activated Linguatronic control system.

  • Available as hatchback and sedan
  • Choose from various diesel and petrol engines
  • Also as a plug-in hybrid
  • Available in a decidedly sporty AMG version
  • Extensively customizable


The basic version of the Mercedes A-Class actually offers everything that the business driver could wish for. In addition, there are a number of even more richly equipped versions that also affect the exterior at Mercedes. The Style gives the A-Class a cool and youthful appearance. The Perspective opts for a more subtle embellishment, while the popular AMG Line offers pure sportiness.


Mercedes goes very far when it comes to personalization. There are a large number of options and packages to tailor the A-Class to personal taste. Mercedes also has the Designo individualization program with exclusive paints and interior equipment that can make every Mercedes A-Class really special.

Lease Mercedes A-Class

Although the A-Class is the smallest model from Mercedes, it is a perfect choice for the business driver who wants to lease a compact but exclusive car. The amount of possibilities and options is almost inexhaustible. Our advisors can provide all the necessary information about leasing a Mercedes A-Class.

36 months 48 months 60 months
10,000 km 530.00 488.00 462.00
15,000 km 549.00 510.00 488.00
20,000 km 570.00 534.00 512.00
25,000 km 593.00 558.00 537.00
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